60 Things We Love About You – 60th Birthday Gift for Grandmother

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My mom turned 60 last weekend, so we had a huge shindig for her!  I hate having to buy gifts for people because I never know what to buy for people who can buy for themselves anything I can afford for them.  Thus, I usually turn to making homemade items that are thoughtful and fun.  I decided to make her a 60 Things We Love About You gift.

I had seen a 60 Things We Love About You template around Pinterest, so that’s where I got the idea from.  Rather than purchasing a template, I thought it would be easier to just make one myself using Canva and Microsoft Word.  I also thought I could rearrange the orientation to make things cuter than the template I saw, which had the words all together without being split in half. Turns out someone else likes the way I made my template because now you can buy this almost exact same one off Etsy not from me, ha.

It took a little bit of time to think of 60 good things to list, but once I did, it was pretty easy to put the finished product together.  After printing it on card stock, I then bought a certificate frame (8.5″x11″) to frame it.  Here it is:

20181020_140133-e1541437004171-768x943 60 Things We Love About You - 60th Birthday Gift for Grandmother

And at another angle, because it was super difficult to take a picture of it without getting bad reflections of myself off the glass!

20181020_140033-e1560912093420-768x1024 60 Things We Love About You - 60th Birthday Gift for Grandmother

I don’t share my templates for things anymore because every once in a while, I’ll see someone selling the exact template I made! Not one they made that looks like mine, which is fine and dandy, but the EXACT file. So, sorry!

And for y’all who are looking for a 60 things we love about you list, here’s mine

Obviously, some of them are a little specific and won’t translate to you, but it’s a good starting point I think!

60 Things We Love About You:

  • Being my mom
  • How much you’ve taught me
  • Being a super fun grandmother
  • Being my friend
  • Accepting me, quirks and all
  • Your love and devotion to your family
  • Your frugality
  • Always showing how much you love me
  • Running errands together
  • You love Kathryn
  • You already love Evelyn
  • Your strength
  • Your courage, even in the face of adversity
  • You love my husband
  • How you showed us the value of hard work
  • Your big heart
  • How you still look good even at 60
  • How you can laugh at yourself
  • Your kindness
  • Sharing each other’s clothes
  • Having a sweet tooth too!
  • Trusting in me
  • Putting up with Dad
  • Making our birthdays and holidays special
  • Sitting through long graduations
  • Liking Disney channel too
  • Ferrying my child around in your car
  • Keeping Kathryn while I work for my sanity
  • Your thoughtfulness
  • Putting up with me as a child
  • Your selflessness
  • You’re one smart cookie
  • You put health as a priority
  • We can polish off a bag of Chex mix together
  • Amazingness
  • Giving us everything we ever needed as children
  • You instilled a love for math in us
  • You give me great advice
  • Your wisdom
  • Your confidence
  • Peanut butter oatmeal cookies
  • My child genetically loves vacuuming
  • Coming to all the kids’ events
  • Giving us a childhood filled with fun
  • How you stayed at home when we were growing up
  • Having an entire room of your house for our kids
  • Tidying up my house when I’m not there
  • Your dependability
  • Supporting my dreams
  • Putting up with my oddities
  • Feeding me from your pantry
  • Washing dishes while I cook our holiday meals
  • Answering my phone calls at all hours of the day
  • Not taking anybody’s crap
  • Giving second opinions on all my decorating fancies
  • Teaching me to sew
  • Cultivating my curiosity
  • Great fashion sense
  • Crazy shopping sprees
  • Taking care of me when I’m sick and can’t take care of myself

My mom seemed to like her present when we gave it to her at the party, so I’m excited we did well!  Any other fun ideas y’all have for 60th birthday gifts?

If you’re on the fence about a birthday theme, check out my Dad’s 60th Chick-fil-a birthday party.  My dad’s not a mushy guy at all, so his gift was significantly less thoughtful and sentimental than the one we got my Mom.  But his party was still awesome!

60-things-we-love-about-you-200x300 60 Things We Love About You - 60th Birthday Gift for Grandmother

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6 thoughts on “60 Things We Love About You – 60th Birthday Gift for Grandmother”

  1. I have been having a hard time with creating a template through canva, it would be awesome if you could share yours. Love the idea, much appreciated.

  2. What template did you use in canva? Ive looked through them and don’t see anything like what you did.
    Have you shared yours anywhere?
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry, I have not shared my template anywhere. I created my own template through Canva. If you’re not familiar with Canva, you can try working through Word or another program.

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