A Little About Mary!

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msp_0703_6533-300x200 A Little About Mary!

Hi y’all! I’m Mary, and I’m a wife, a mom, and an optometrist.

I did my undergraduate degree in engineering and spent my days submerged in way too many problem sets. I had a life goal of being a professor, so I worked in research labs in high school, college, and even graduate school. I did lots of seemingly impressive things like co-author a couple of patents, give talks and posters at conferences, publish some papers, and get a 4.0. I then had an end-of-college life crisis in which I decided I wanted to be a doctor instead of a professor, and when I woke up one morning and thought optometry sounded cool, I went full steam ahead and never looked back. Four years of optometry school later, I had entirely too many loans, an unhealthy obsession with how awesome it was to get Christmas cards addressed with Dr. instead of Ms., and a husband who I had met on our first day of school together.

Many years later, we now have one bald, beautiful daughter who is almost a year old. She is a sweet mess, and we affectionately refer to her as the “tiny dictator.” She hates to sleep, she is an incredibly picker eater, and when displeased, she makes the most indignant sniffing sounds. She has turned our lives upside down! I work very part-time these days (just because eyes are still fun, and I need some adult time every once in a while!) and now measure my life success by how many blowouts in the car and meltdowns in public I have averted and if I have showered recently enough that I can recall which day I did. While I get to be the boss professionally and feel important at work, my sweet tiny dictator lets me know that I am just one of her minions day in and day out when I am at home. I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

I love crafting anything and everything. I especially love cross-stitching and dabbling in knitting, crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, and card making. I love music and can play several instruments but can barely carry a tune. Luckily my daughter doesn’t mind my atrocious rendition of “The Ants Go Marching.” Ice cream with any sort of chunks and Chex Mix never last more than a day in our household. When I was pregnant, I lived on Schlotzsky’s turkey sandwiches and bagels for the entire first trimester. Now that we have a child, my husband and I have become total homebodies. Our idea of a perfect evening is relaxing with a book, movie, or game with our pj’s on after baby girl has gone to bed. We love our church and finally got over our first time parent overprotectiveness when we put our daughter in the nursery…at 8 months old. I enjoy cooking and only use measuring devices if I’m baking, and then only sometimes, much to the chagrin of my grandmother. I thrive on organization and a constant to-do list that I only occasionally add things to that I have already accomplished.

Nicole and I decided to start a blog because we thought it would be fun to share our parenting journeys, and we had been talking about doing it FOREVER. My plan is to focus mostly on eye-related topics pertaining to kiddos, crafting, cooking, and babies! Join us on this crazy journey we call life!

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