About Us

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Nicole and Aly are sisters; Aly was pregnant with her first while Nicole was pregnant at the same time with her second!

We grew up too close in age and fought over everything, especially the bathroom we shared!  Now, we live 15 minutes apart and hang out whenever we can. We like to band together to beat our husbands in Spades and other team games, and we are convinced our children are going to grow up to be BFF’s.






rngAly is the older sister.  She is a full-time Mommy to two daughters (14 months and 4 years) and a part-time eye doctor.  She is married to another optometrist she met in school.  (Check out the nerdy eye humor on her husband’s wedding band!)   While not tending to her family, her patients, or this blog, she loves to read, craft, and play the cello.




_DSC7444Nicole is a mommy to a 6-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl. In addition to being a mommy to her wonderful children, she is also a full-time elementary school teacher. She is married to the man she has been dating since the age of 18. She loves her family, life, and helping others.



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