Being a Mom is Hard: Why It Is The Best Worst Thing In The World

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I wholeheartedly believe that parenting can be one of the best worst things in the whole world. Being a mom is hard! However, it is probably not for any of the reasons you might think.

I love my kids more than most men (and some women) will ever understand. They are a part of me and, no matter what, always will be. If I had to choose between myself or my kids, that would be one of the easiest choices I would ever make. They are my world and my everything and I am perfectly fine with that.

The thought of something happening to my kids is so incredibly heart wrenching. I can truly and honestly swear that a piece of me is taken away each time one of my kids get hurt. The agony that goes along with that can be so incredibly unbearable.

My life revolves around rational, yet probably really irrational fears. I read too much and know too much. Due to this, there is nothing worse than the constant worry I have for my children. If my kids are out of my sight for even a few seconds, I think about all of the terrible things that could be happening. I mean, there are numerous freak accidents that happen. If one of those ever happened to me or my family, I’m not sure I would make it out.

Every time we go to the pool over the summer, I worry about them swallowing too much water. If they hit their head, I worry about the possibility of them hitting the exact spot that could have caused brain damage. And if they are mind goes directly to watching out for pneumonia or some rare illness. I even bought a stethoscope and watched numerous YouTube videos to learn what fluid in your lungs sound like.

It never hurts to be too prepared. (Not crazy.)

Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given and I wouldn’t change it for anything. However, there is so much pain that goes with it. It is torture seeing my kids sick. I want to do everything in the world when I see them hurt- physically or emotionally. I mean, I actually contemplated speaking to a three year old’s mom because she told my son he couldn’t play with her and it hurt his feelings. OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating…but just a little. (Not crazy.)

The love that you have for your kids, whether it be a chemical reaction in your brain or not, is something that no one can ever explain. That’s why I think being a mom is one of the best, yet worst things in the world.  Guys, being a mom is hard.

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