DIY: Two Year Old Girl Birthday Time Capsule

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When it comes to birthday parties for my kids, I am all about my kids having fun and creating memories. Really, these memories aren’t for them, they are for me. If you ask me about my own birthday parties, I remember very, very few details. However, my mom, she’s remembers everything (well at least what age hasn’t forced her to forget. Sorry mom.) And that’s exactly how I want to be. I want to remember the joy and happiness in my kids’ eyes. And dang it…if I want the house to look adorable while it’s happening, I’m gonna do it.

Why I Like The Idea Of A Birthday Time Capsule

Now, since the majority of the memories will be mine, I love the idea of a keepsake that my daughter can always have.

For her first birthday, every one wrote down wishes for her on a card. This year, they wrote down either their favorite memory of her or some words of advice. Both sets of cards are going into her birthday time capsule.

Next year, everyone will be writing something new. The great thing is that by the time I think she’s ready to read everything, she will have many years of special words to hold dear. Including those from people who might not, sadly, be a part of her life any longer.

Creating a DIY Birthday Time Capsule

To create my own time capsule for my daughter, I first started with a wooden box.  Since this year’s birthday theme was glitter, I wrote her name with Mod Podge and then sprinkled glitter over it. I’ll probably sand it down later to fit next year’s theme, but for this year’s purpose, it worked great.

MVIMG_20180302_175438-768x559 DIY: Two Year Old Girl Birthday Time Capsule

I then ordered some glitter card stock and, using my Cricut, I created a sign for the guests to read. It only took me three tries so I’m getting better with using the Cricut. I then Cricut-ed the backside of the glitter paper. I only wasted two pieces of card stock so I consider that a win.

MVIMG_20180302_175510-768x513 DIY: Two Year Old Girl Birthday Time Capsule

All in all, it turned out wonderfully. I can’t wait to sneak a peek at what everyone wrote!

keepsake-768x617 DIY: Two Year Old Girl Birthday Time Capsule

If you have any other keepsake ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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