A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband

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We took our daughter to see Santa for the first time this year.  That was quite the experience with a child who is in the middle of a huge separation anxiety phase!

Since this was a big milestone, I spent weeks looking for the perfect Christmas outfit and accessories for the big day.  To add a little splash of DIY, I decided it would be fun to make my own headband for her. It was super simple and also inexpensive.  Here’s my finished DIY Christmas headband!

A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband

The headband looked so great for the pictures that I want to share with you this fast tutorial on how to make your own Christmas headband for baby using a present bow!  Save yourself the time shopping for a Christmas headband, and know your baby girl is going to look unique sitting on Santa’s lap.

Supplies to make a DIY headband:

  • Scissors
  • Elastic headband as a base (or two pieces of elastic glued or sewn together)
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Christmas gift wrap bow (yay for repurposing!)

A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband

Here’s how to make a Christmas headband for baby:

I first started out with a plain elastic headband. I had one that the bow had fallen off of, so that saved me having to cut elastic and sew it together myself.  If you don’t have a pre-made headband already, just take a piece of elastic and sew it together in the circumference of your baby’s head.  You can also glue it, but just make sure it’s sealed together tightly.

Next, I removed the adhesive and the paper covering it from the back of the Christmas present bow.  I didn’t want this to hang out on the sides of the headband or bother my daughter’s head.

A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband
I glued the bottom of the bow to the headband using a hot glue gun.  You can use whatever type of glue you want.  I had my hot glue gun handy, and I love how fast drying it is.  Instant results!

And that’s it for this easy headband tutorial!  My daughter had a new and unique DIY Christmas headband for Santa!  Super simple, right? I debated whether this was even worth a tutorial or not, but I couldn’t not share this cute idea!

A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband

What do you think?  I’m honestly surprised baby girl kept it on her head the entire photo shoot!  Usually she is reaching up to remove anything and everything that we put on her head.

A Simple, Inexpensive DIY Christmas Headband

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