Eating Out With Kids: 10 Reasons To Not Go To Waiter Restaurants

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Recently, my father-in-law came in to town. He, understandingly, wanted to spend some time with the grand kids. He offered to come over to the house, but the house was a disaster. I mean, come on, I have two little kids. My house is never clean. If your house is, I applaud you! Now, if it were my parents I probably wouldn’t care, but the fact that it was my father-in-law made a huge difference. Women, do you understand? Anyways, long story short, my husband decided on meeting him at P.F. Chang’s. Eating out with kids?  Usually a bad idea.

My father-in-law was late, due to traffic, and within a matter of 10 minutes, my children reminded me why I never go to waiter restaurants. First, my three year old son almost set the chopsticks on fire pretending he was roasting marshmallows (which he has never done, by the way). Then, he put his napkin over his head and attempted to make ghostly noises at everyone in the restaurant.  Lastly, my daughter was so hungry waiting for my father-in-law to arrive that we decided to give her a baby pouch. At some point during the sucking of the pouch, she flicked the pouch out of her mouth and some of it splattered on the man sitting at the table next to us. (I am so sorry, once again!) So, after all of this, I decided to make a list of the top ten reasons why I don’t go to sit-down restaurants. I hope some of the parents out there can relate!

pet-survey Eating Out With Kids: 10 Reasons To Not Go To Waiter Restaurants

Why We Don’t Go Out to Eat With Kids at Sit Down Restaurants

1. It takes way too long

I can get in and out of a Chick-fil-A in about 30-45 minutes. A sit down restaurant can take 1-2 hours or more! Not my idea of fun.

2. There is too much on the restaurant table

Within minutes, my kids will attempt to break something. It might be a plate or a center piece. Or, they could set something on fire (see above).

3. The kid’s meal choices

My kids don’t really eat too much and all kid’s meals normally have the same things. Maybe I don’t want my kids eating grilled cheese or chicken tenders at every meal.

4. The tables are too close together

So sorry for anyone who is so close to us that we could probably become new family members. Also, sorry for anyone who gets hit with food from the baby (see above).

5. Eating out with kids just isn’t fun

It’s not fun for me, and it’s definitely not fun for the little humans that just want to be running around!

6. I never get to eat

Have you ever just watched a mom at a restaurant with her kids? The process consists of her getting her children’s food ready and prepared. By the time she has finished, one kid has already finished their food and needs more. When does mommy get to eat? I find that by the time I finally do get to eat, I am shoveling food so fast into my mouth because I’m afraid the kids are going to want some. Anyone else experience this?

7. Kid’s meals cost too much

Sorry, but I’m really not in the mood to pay ten bucks for a kid’s meal. Also, I don’t really want to pay ten bucks for a grilled cheese or chicken tenders (See number 3 above).

8. There are no small utensils

Unless I bring my own, which I normally do, there is no possible way for my kids to fit those normal-sized spoons or forks into their mouth. Why don’t kid’s meals come with kid-friendly utensils?

9. The kids never want to sit

Who can blame them? They are kids. It is probably beyond torture making a kid just sit there for two hours. I mean, it is kind of torture for me too.

10. People stare

I’m tired of being stared at for whatever reason. Especially, when I am walking out of the restaurant with one, maybe two, crying children. Trust me, it is beyond embarrassing.


Now, of course, all of this depends on the day. Do you have any reasons to add to why eating out with kids at waiter restaurants is the worst? Commiserate with me, please!

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