Harry Potter Baby Pictures: Harry Potter Day Celebration

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So did y’all know that Harry Potter Day is May 2nd? I didn’t until recently!  To celebrate, I wanted to take some Harry Potter baby pictures!

We Love Harry Potter!

I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since a family member bought me the first two books when I was in 7th grade. 7th grade, guys! That was 20+ years ago! I pretty much grew up with the Harry Potter books and then movies. I went to all the following book midnight releases (thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking me before I could drive) and most of the movie midnight releases too! One of my first dates with my husband was to see the first of the seventh book movies in theaters.  So Harry Potter has definitely been a huge part of my life thus far!

Harry Potter Baby Pictures Setup

To pass on my love to my daughter, I set up a cute photo shoot for her upon the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child back in 2016.  I didn’t ever do newborn photos for her due to a monstrous cephalohematoma she had at birth, so I at least wanted some cute staged pics of her when she was a little older and had a less alien-like head appearance!

She wore a DIY Harry Potter onesie that I crafted several years ago. As a backdrop, I used a beach towel draped over the back of our couch. She’s sitting in a cauldron that we had bought to use as a planter. Around her, I’ve set up my Harry Potter volumes and bookends. Of course she is wearing the stereotypical glasses also. I took a ton of photos, but this one by far is my favorite due to her expression. Just wanted to share some Harry Potter baby pictures with y’all in celebration of Harry Potter Day!

Like Harry Potter too? Here are a few other fun items we’ve crafted: a Free Dobby! missing socks organizer and Mommy and Me Harry Potter shirts.

IMG_20160807_171309319-768x1365 Harry Potter Baby Pictures: Harry Potter Day Celebration

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