Craft Room Organization: Buttons

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Crafting with buttons is so much fun!  In the past, I have used buttons to make hair clips, decorate onesies, make bookmarks, make cards, and so much more.  I also occasionally use the buttons for sewing projects, but I’m much more of a nontraditional button user.  Even with all these button crafts and infrequent garment constructions, I still have a pretty big button collection.

I’ve Accumulated a Lot of Buttons Over the Years

My mom and grandmother both gave me a lot of buttons from their sewing days.  I also have collected spare buttons from every outfit I have bought over the last several years. Additionally, if I have outfits that are not in good enough condition to donate, I remove the buttons to reuse. That makes for a lot of buttons in my button collection.  And before I decided to organize my buttons, things were a hot mess.

How to Organize Buttons: My Favorite Way

Instead of having to search through a huge container to see if I have enough buttons of a certain color or even design when it is time to craft, I spent 30 minutes one day and organized all the buttons for easy access. Now whenever I get new buttons, I get that warm, fluffy feeling of being organized when I plop that new button into its perfect color-coordinated home!  Here’s a pretty picture of how to organize buttons that comes from my own personal button collection.

Craft Room Organization: Buttons

This container came from a craft store (I think it was a jewelry organizer from Michael’s) a couple of years ago. I like how the inserts allow you to change the size of the space if you have a lot of one color (black buttons, in my case.)   Also, I felt like organizing by color took care of most of the buttons.  I had some childish, plastic buttons which got organized according to theme.  There were also a few multi-colored buttons that all got put in one divider section.

When I’m done with the divider, the top closes for easy storage!

Craft Room Organization: Buttons

Toddlers Love Organized Buttons Too!

My two year old also loves this button organizer.  I will let her play with the buttons every once in a while (as long as she puts them back.)  She sorts by color, type, etc and enjoys it as much as I do!  When I’m feeling generous, I even give her some of my buttons and let her make her own art.  Gluing the buttons one by one makes for a fascinating craft for her that really works her fine motor skills.

Craft Room Organization: Buttons

Yay for organization!  If you like organization and appreciated this post on how to organize buttons in a craft room, check out my full craft room closet organization complete with picture of how this button organizer fits in with all my other craft supplies.


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