How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

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Today I’m going to teach you how to connect letters in Cricut Design Space, because I get it.  You’ve just downloaded a cursive font to use in Cricut Design Space.  You go to use it, and what on earth?  The letters aren’t connected like they are when you previewed it!

One of the most annoying things about Cricut Design Space, in my opinion, is how letters in fonts are never connected when you add text!  It drives me so batty that I create most of my SVG files in Inkscape and them import them over to Design Space.  Even the simple text-only ones.

If you’re looking for Cricut cursive fonts that connect, just know this you will find hundreds of fonts that look like they connect, but time and time again, they will still be disconnected when adding text in Cricut Design Space.

However, there are several ways to manually connect the letters of fonts in Cricut Design Space to make cursive words.  These methods aren’t difficult to learn, but it might take a while if you’re wanting to connect letters in several words.  Once you’ve mastered these actions, though, you’ll be producing beautiful cursive SVG files in no time!

How-to-connect-letters-in-cricut-design-space-640x1024 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space

There are three main ways that I use to connect letters in Cricut Design Space for cursive fonts.  (But first, if you haven’t added your fonts to your computer yet, I have a tutorial for how to install fonts in Cricut Design Space.  And if you haven’t installed Design Space, follow Cricut’s post here.)  Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get started.

When I first type a phrase into Cricut Design Space, here’s what most cursive fonts will look like.  I’m using a downloaded font here, but you can also choose a Cricut Design Space font, too.  The letters will be spaced out and broken up.  So not pretty if you’re wanting to weld letters together to create a beautiful cursive word.

Screenshot-43-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

For reference, when I type the same words into Inkscape, here’s what this font should look like when the letters are connected.  This will be my goal orientation within Cricut Design Space.

Screenshot-50-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

Now, here’s how to connect these letters using Cricut Design Space.

The first way is decreasing the letter spacing.  This is denoted by the VA with the arrow underneath it.  Keep clicking the down arrow to move the letters closer together.  You also can manually type in a number. As a starting point, try around a -0.5.  Sometimes I luck out and fonts connect perfectly with nothing more than decreasing letter spacing.  However, more often than not, I have to do a little more tweaking.  Some letters will still be disconnected and others will be on top of each other if I decrease the letter space too much.

Decrease-Letter-Space-until-letters-are-closer-together-but-not-too-overlapping-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

Once you’ve got your letters as close as possible without overlapping, then ungroup all the letters.  You’ll find the Ungroup button on the top right.  This will break up the big textbox of words to where you can access each individual letter.

How-to-ungroup-in-Cricut-Design-Space-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

The next step is to manually drag the letters closer to each other.  Just click on the letter you want to move and drag it while keeping the mouse button depressed.  Do this for all the letters of each word.

Move-each-individual-letter-together-after-ungrouping-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

As I connect the letters for each word, I do regroup that word.  I then move all the words closer together.

Welding Cursive Letters Together to Create One Word

Once you’re done, you will likely want to weld the letters together.  If you don’t, you will get each individual letter cut rather than the entire cursive word.

Sometimes when welding, your Cricut weld might fill in letters where it shouldn’t.  For instance, the o is filled in below.

Screenshot-48-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

If this happens, just hit Ctrl+Z or hit the undo arrow on the top left of the screen to unweld.  Then, ungroup your letters and rearrange the connection between the two problem letters.  Then try to weld again.  Sometimes when I get things too close or the overlap is a little wonky, I’ll run into this problem.  Turns out the p and o weren’t aligned quite right.  A little trial and error always fixes this problem, in my experience.

Here’s my final product!

Screenshot-49-1024x576 How to Connect Letters in Cricut Design Space to Make Cursive Words

The Fool-Proof Method to Connect Cursive Letters

Now, if you want a ton less hassle, you can create your SVG file using Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.  I use Inkscape because it’s free and open-source, but if you have extra money lying around, Adobe Illustrator has less of a learning curve and more support available for beginner users.  Unfortunately, it requires a monthly subscription payment rather than a one-time purchase like it was back in the day.

The great thing about both these programs is when you write text, it starts out cursive and connected.  There are also no issues with the insides of letters filling solid after connecting, because, well, you don’t technically have to “weld” in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.  Once you’ve written your words and created your design, you can save it in SVG format and then upload the SVG into Cricut Design Space to use.  Easy peasy once you get over the initial learning hump!

Final Thoughts

I hope you now know how to attach letters in Cricut Design Space.  If you need any clarification or want additional help, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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