How to Organize Diapers: Upcycle Old Shoe Rack In Baby’s Nursery

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IMG_20161013_144157240-768x798 How to Organize Diapers: Upcycle Old Shoe Rack In Baby's Nursery Today I’m going to show you how to organize diapers!  I love being organized. Most people told me when I had a baby that I would have to give up my clean, orderly house in favor of sleep and time with my daughter. I really did try to let some things go those first few weeks home from the hospital, but I soon found a messy house made for more stress than a clean house at the expense of a few hours of sleep each week.

Cleaning Up Each Night

So now before bed each night, I do dishes, clean bottles, pack lunches, and put back all things in their proper place—including all the baby toys! And then I go to sleep with no anxiety about all the things I wish were done. In order to keep a house clean, it helps to have organizational crutches in place. Such as this diaper organizer.  It’s a perfect answer to the question of how to organize diapers!

I Am Not Loyal To a Diaper Brand

I like to use several brands of diapers. A lot of people I know seem to be loyal to one specific brand, but we have found through a lot of trial and error that baby girl is an equal opportunity pooper. We have had public blowouts in Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Target diapers alike. So, we use Luvs and Up&Up diapers during the day when we are staying at home–I can get these on a DEAL if I coupon and catch sales right–and then put on Pampers or Huggies at night or when we are leaving the house. This makes for a LOT of different types of diapers circulating in our household at any given time.

Use  Shoe Rack to Organize Diapers

When my parents moved houses, I got my pick of their old furniture, and I found this old shoe rack that doubles perfectly as a diaper holder.

Seriously, it could not be more perfect in how it fits diapers! 2 packages will fit side by side.  This allows for so many diapers to be stored and displayed at once! On this rack here, we have our Pampers Swaddlers for going out, our Up&Up and Luvs for hanging around the house, and our Baby Dry for night time. Whenever we need to restock our diaper changing station, I just grab the appropriate type of diaper.  Ready to go! It also helps with getting an idea of how many diapers of each size and type we have left remaining.  What do you think?

shoe-rack-diaper-storage-200x300 How to Organize Diapers: Upcycle Old Shoe Rack In Baby's Nursery

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