Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters

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20151217_204010copy-768x781 Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters

Once we decorated baby girl’s nursery, we were left with a huge blank wall space above her crib.  This wall space really needed some pizzazz!  We ultimately decided we wanted her name on the wall, so I painted some pink polka dot wooden letters.   It was a cute and easy DIY project, and I’m happy with the way the space turned out.  And yes, in the picture above, that’s a beanie baby mobile hanging over her crib!  You can easily make one yourself with those old McDonald’s beanie babies you still have laying around in their original packaging.  Because it’s been 20+ years now, and we are still not getting rich off storing them.

I’m Too Afraid To Put Anything Heavy On Her Wall!

I’m a worry wart who can think of largely irrational worst case scenarios.  Thus, I was too afraid to actually put picture frames or wall clings above her crib.  I didn’t want anything that could accidentally fall down on my daughter and give her a concussion or stick to her mouth and suffocate her in the middle of the night, etc. This didn’t leave me a lot of options for above the crib. However, small wooden letters that were very securely fastened to the wall I felt comfortable with! I decided to design some of my very own to match the décor of her room.  And what better to put above her crib than her name on the wall?

Putting Her Name on the Wall

I started with blank wooden letters that spelled her name.  They came in a pack of 2 of each letter from Hobby Lobby.

IMG_1724-768x708 Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters
After painting a solid pink coat over the letters, I let them dry for a day.  I then applied a second coat of paint because the first one wasn’t quite thick enough for my tastes.  I love that the knobs on her super cute dresser are also this same color pink.

To make the white polka dots, I used the eraser of a regular #2 pencil.  I would first dab the pencil eraser into the white paint and then carefully place the eraser over the location I wanted a polka dot on the letter.  I was surprised at how easy this pencil method was at making neat and accurate circles.  If you’re not interested in this, here’s a Youtube video showing also how to paint polka dots.

Here’s how the wooden K looked when it was done.  I’m pretty sure I accidentally painted the K upside down, but no one notices unless I tell them.  So, shhh!

IMG_20161013_144552074-1-768x689 Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters

And that was it! How cute are these wooden name letters?  Check out her whole Kathryn name on the wall below.

IMG_1652-768x512 Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters

If you’re wanting to gift these DIY wooden letters, you can first use them as a baby shower decoration and then give them to the new mom at the end!

DIY-Wooden-Letters-200x300 Name on Wall in Nursery: DIY Wooden Letters


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