Repurpose Old T-shirts – DIY “Toddler Tissues” Out of Upcycled T-shirts

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Today’s fun craft that doubles as a toddler activity is to repurpose old t-shirts to make DIY toddler tissues.

First of all, what is it with my child and tissues? And napkins? Every time she finds a tissue box, she has to take every.single.tissue out and rub each one on her face. And when she’s feeling particularly adventurous, she will take a bite of the tissue before I can reach over and grab it from her. (For reference, this is the child in occupational therapy because she hates eating actual food. I don’t know why she is willing to taste test tissues, or leaves on the floor, for that matter.)

I’ve had a large quantity of white t-shirts laying around that I got from my husband when he finally updated his collection. I’ve made dog toys and headbands already out of them, but still there are a few left. Thus, the idea of a reusable, non-edible tissue was born. This is a super simple craft to repurpose old t-shirts, and it has been a hit with my one year old so far.

Repurpose Old T-shirts - DIY "Toddler Tissues" Out of Upcycled T-shirts

How to Repurpose Old T-Shirts to Tissues:

All you need is an empty tissue box, an old white t-shirt, and some scissors.  Simply lay the white t-shirt out, and cut squares roughly the size of an actual tissue. Repeat until you run out of t-shirt. Repeat with another t-shirt even if you so desire.  Here’s one of the tissues that I made.

Repurpose Old T-shirts - DIY "Toddler Tissues" Out of Upcycled T-shirts
Stuff those white t-shirt tissues into the empty tissue box.  It is no longer empty, as it is now full of faux tissues for your kiddo to pull out, wipe all over their face, and even chew on! At the end of the pull-everything-out game, you can stuff them back in there, reloading for the next time their destructive urge strikes!

Repurpose Old T-shirts - DIY "Toddler Tissues" Out of Upcycled T-shirtsBonus points if you have enough time to make decorative, cute tissues or sew seams on the edges of the white t-shirts to make them look a little classier. I did not have time—I needed a quick fix for baby girl right then!  Check out some other ways to repurpose old t-shirts here!

Repurpose Old T-shirts - DIY "Toddler Tissues" Out of Upcycled T-shirtsWhite T-Shirt Upcycle_ Faux Tissues for Toddler

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