TEKS Learning Standard Notebook For Your Classroom

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This might be one of the most important binders that I have in my classroom. I have poured many hours into creating and using it in so many different ways throughout the school year. This is my most prized possession in my classroom. It is not only a resource for me, but also for my students. If you do not already have a learning standard notebook, I would highly suggest creating one.

The binder is separated into tabs with each TEK or learning standard written on it. Within those tabs, there are worksheets designated to those specific learning standards. I am able to pull these worksheets when necessary and make copies as needed. I use it when I need additional work on the topic we are learning in class, extra work for the students at home, or intervention times in the classroom.

When parents contact me wanting me to know that their child is struggling on a certain topic, such as rounding, I am able to find work for them to do. Certain parents love extra work to do at home with their child! This, of course, makes me ecstatic!

This binder comes in handy the most after we take a MOCK state test. After I receive the results, I look over which particular

teks1-768x447 TEKS Learning Standard Notebook For Your Classroom

objectives each student does poorly on. Once I do this, I find work for them out of the binder. I can separate the students in to groups based off of their common weaknesses and work with them. This is how I efficiently use my intervention time. Within these groups, the students have the opportunity to learn from one another and I am able to see their level of struggle.

At the end of the year, after we have taken numerous assessments (unfortunately), I differentiate the classroom by having different students working on different TEKS. The binder allows me to help my students based on their individual learning needs. By the time they move on to the next grade, hopefully they have mastered the topics they were previously struggling with. Isn’t that always a teacher’s goal?

How do you help your students? Let me know!  Check out more teaching tips and tricks here.

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